Research, Teaching, and Clinical Contributions

A. Narrative report of Research, Teaching, and Clinical Contributions

I have spent 6 years of my life working in Clinic and Clinical Research in the field of transplantation. However, this did not stop from publishing papers and clinical observations.
As far as Research, I have focused my attention on islet transplantation. Particularly, I have studied the role of partial islet function after islet transplant on longterm diabetic complications. My published studies showed that despite partial failure, the persistence of functioning allogenic islet could induce long term C-peptide secretion, with beneficial effects.
I have published more than 60 papers indexed in Pubmed with more than 300 of impact factor.
I am currently working on basic research, trying to address stem cells immunobiology, particularly in establishing a role for bone marrow derived stromal stem cells in tolerance induction. This approach will be helpful for some pathological conditions (i.e. chronic rejection), where the current immunosuppressive drugs failed to improve the disease.
As far as Teaching, I have taught in Italy both at the Milan Medical School (Vita e Salute University) and at the Nurse School. I was appointed as Tutor in Emergency Medicine (20 students for 2 years).
As far as Clinical Contribution, I have seen more than 50/60 kidney-pancreas transplanted patients, more than 30 islet transplanted patients and 40/50 kidney transplanted patients. I held a transplant medicine ambulatory, with 6-8 patients per week. While in the hospital I had among 6 and 10 patients every morning.

D. Report of Teaching

2. Regional, national, or international contributions

b. Professional Leadership Roles related to Teaching


International Nurses School at Vita e Salute University, Milan Italy
Role: Lecturer Students’ number: 40 per year Contact time involved: 20 hours per week


International Medical School at Vita e Salute University, Milan Italy
Role: Lecturer Students’ number: 20 per year Contact time involved: 10 hours per week

E. Report of Clinical Activities


Medicine, Nephrology, Transplantation Medicine San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Clinical Activity Description: 1. Description of clinical practice My clinical practice has been done in the field of Internal medicine, Immunology and Transplant medicine. I started in a public hospital in Parma working as a Resident in the Internal Medicine Department for 4 years. I attended twice a week an ambulatory of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, where I became confident with allergic reactions, asthma, SLE, arthritis and many other autoimmune diseases. After that I moved to Bergamo/Milan where I worked in the Emergency Area as attending physician. This was a great experience, and I became confident with acute conditions, like heart failure, acute renal failure, arrhythmias, deep venous thrombosis etc. Finally I moved in an Academic Hospital in Milan (San Raffaele Scientific Institute and Vita e Salute University), where I started my teaching activities, and I joined the transplant team for 5 years. In this setting I started to be confident with the conditions of the transplanted patients. 2. Patient load My patients were basically transplanted patients; so far they are by definition complicated patients. They had a history of end stage renal disease and diabetes too, at least for the majority of them. After the transplant they started to experience immunosuppressant therapy, with tendency to pneumonia, lymphoproliferative disease, neoplasm and other different kind of complications. After the transplant (kidney or kidney-pancreas) patients remained in the hospital many days experiencing different kind of viruses’ infections (cytomegalovirus and EBV reactivation are the most common).
Patient Load: 20/months